Lady Bird & Other Deeds

Lady Bird & Other Deeds

At Will and Trust Express, we can prepare a wide variety of deeds to homes and other real estate in Orlando, FL!

We sometimes encounter clients who are confused about the difference between a deed and title to property.

What's the difference?

  1. DEED is a legal document used to convey the ownership rights to a property. It must be a physical document.
  2. TITLE, however, is the legal way of saying you have ownership of the property. The title is not a document, but a concept that says you have the rights to use that property.
Lady Bird Deeds
One of the tools we use to help our clients is called the Florida Lady Bird Deed. Lady Bird Deeds (also known as "Enhanced Life Estate Deeds") are popular in Florida because they are most often used to avoid probate of Florida real estate.

How Does a Lady Bird Deed Work?
  1. A Lady Bird Deed allows property owners to create a transfer of real estate that does not become effective until their death. The property owner retains all rights to the property during his or her lifetime, including the right to sell the property or change the person who will receive the property at his or her death.
  2. When the property owner dies, the property passes automatically to the transferee(s) listed on the deed.
  3. Lady Bird Deeds provide important Medicaid planning opportunities for Florida homeowners that may need nursing home or other long-term care. Unlike Florida quitclaim deed forms or warranty deed forms, Lady Bird Deeds do not disqualify you from receiving Medicaid benefits you would otherwise receive. And when you die, the state cannot file a claim against the property for reimbursement of Medicaid benefits.
We also create:
  • Warranty Deeds
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Traditional Life Estate Deeds
The Cost to Create a Deed is only $150 plus recording fees. , which vary by county.

For more information about our services and fees, please see our Services Page.