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When should an estate plan be reviewed?

Transcript: An estate plan should be reviewed any time there is a major change in your life. A change like a birth of a child or a grandchild, a death, when one of your children or grandchildren gets married, when somebody gets divorced, when you retire, when you go back to work. Most people tend

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How much does estate planning cost?

  Transcript: Planning costs a little money. A will, for example, costs $195 at Will and Trust Express, but I can tell you it’s a lot less expensive than failing to plan. When you fail to plan, you miss out on a lot of tools, and opportunities, and secrets that I’ve learned in my decades

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How can an estate plan make things easier on my family after I die?

Transcript: Because of my many years of experience working with wills, trusts and probates, I know there are a lot of secrets on how to make things easier, smoother, less expensive for family members when someone passes away. The failure to do planning means that we miss all those opportunities, and so, doing the right

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